Posts addressing general arguments about the Greenhouse effect or climate change

Comparing spectrums: Sunlight and Earth’s surface emissions

There seems to be a belief that diagrams comparing the spectrum of the Sun and the spectrum of thermal emissions from Earth's surface conceal how much longwave radiation is present in sunlight. That's not the case, but there is sometimes something a little "off" with such diagrams. In this post, I'll sort out these issues and present some rigorously correct diagrams.
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Only a small fraction of CO2 in the air is of human origin?

"Both IPCC and NASA agree that anthropogenic CO2 is between 3 and 4% of total CO2." The person who wrote the statement above likely believed that this information counters the idea that anthropogenic CO2emissions are responsible for the the rise in atmospheric CO2 levels from 280 ppm to 420 ppm. Yet, it doesn't counter that idea at all.
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