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Who we are

This website is produced by Robert Wentworth, Ph.D., who is the author of all content unless otherwise indicated.

Dr. Wentworth earned his Ph.D. in Applied Physics from Stanford University in 1989.


I hope the material on this website will support greater understanding around climate science, climate skepticism, and physics.

Although the general focus is on climate change, I don’t anticipate taking a position on how much I expect the average global temperature to rise, or what I think should be done about it. That’s not what this website is about. It’s about exploring the basic science, getting the the science and the facts right, and deepening understanding.

The purpose of this website is non-political. Although the content may sometimes involve topics related to issues that are “hot” politically, the intention of this website is to support scientific understanding and accuracy, to increase general scientific literacy and to allow more informed understandings to feed into whatever public discussion and debate might occur.


We intend for website content to be respectful and caring towards all people.

Commenters are asked to do their part towards maintaining civil discourse. We reserve the right to remove any comments deemed insulting, abusive, demeaning, or otherwise harmful.